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Our Apartment

Make yourself at home

Living room Relax at the fireplace under the stars

Sleeping Couch | 55" TV | Swedish Fireplace |

Light up the fireplace for a relaxing evening. The window in the roof above the sleeping couch lets you look at the stars while falling asleep. On a warm summer night you can even open the window and be directly under the stars. (Parents: Watch your children) The living room is equipped with a 55" TV with a move-able arm, that even allows you to watch TV from the Loggia.

Loggia Enjoy the view

Big Windowfront | Smoking allowed |

Enjoy the view from our loggia with big window front. Open it to enjoy fresh air or even a smoke with your view.

Bedrooms Sleep well

Double-bed | Sleeping Couch | Spacious Wardrobe | 32" TV |

In our well equipped bedrooms you can find a double-bed, a sleeping couch for 2 people and a big wardrobe. A wall mounted 32" TV lets you perfectly adjust your viewing angle.

Entrance area With reading corner

Reading Corner | Books available |

Almost all rooms are accessible from the entrance area. There is a comfortable armchair and plenty of books in our reading corner.

Bathroom Wellness Oasis

Shower | Bathtub | Custom Lighting | Mirror Cabinet |

Start your day with a vitalizing rain-shower or enjoy a relaxing bath in the evening. Your mood can be underlined by our dimmable and custom-color lighting system.

Kitchen Be a chef

Breakfast Bar | Equipment and Accessories for 10 People | Basic Groceries | Complete Appliances |

In our spacious kitchen with breakfast bar, you'll find everything you need to be a chef. High quality appliances, a big working area and many other things you need to prepare your favorite meal. Please don't leave any food behind after you leave.

Laundry Room Spick & Span

Laundry Machine | Clothes Dryer | Cleaning Equipment |

All cleaning materials can be found in the laundry room. A washer and lines for drying clothes. Even an ash-vacuum for the fireplace and much more Equipment can be found here.

Parking Garage Additional Parking Lot

Parking Garage | Parking Lot |

In the right parking garage in front of the apartment there's enough space for a "Golf"-sized vehicle. The additional parking lot is directly in front of the parking garage.

By the way...

In our apartments are many items and accessories, that you may like. Don't hesitate to take with you a momento of your time spent at the lake of constance - everything is for sale. Missing items are considered sold and will be charged. Make the right choice!